Rehab Round 2, Day 1…. Fifteen Steps Forward

Occupational Therapy:

Today in occupational therapy, I went through the assessments to see more of where I’m at.   I also got to take a shower using the shower bench.  Previously, It was either bed baths  For the shower wheelchair.  It felt so good to be able to stand with the Sara Stedy, and then sit on a bench for a near regular shower.

Physical therapy:

Today in physical therapy, We practiced standing up with the Sara Stedy and a walker.    I’m using a platform walker to help support my left wrist, So it’s a walker with a special platform to hold your arm.   My physical therapist also added special bands to my wheelchair to make it easier to steer and drive.   I can now use both of my hands and a foot to operate the wheelchair!   This is a long way from operating it with 1 heel and 3 fingers.

My new ride, with bands to help me grip.

We also practiced getting into and out of bed.    It’s a little tricky with my hip being like it is, but the therapist showed me some strategies to help.

We ended the day in physical therapy by standing up to the Walker again and trying to see if I could take steps.  In physical therapy, they always have someone following close behind with the wheelchair so that you can sit back down if you need to. 

I stood up to the Walker and began positioning my legs then took a step forward.  I did it again, and again,  and again  Before I needed to sit down.   I  was able to take 5 steps!  

We took a break  and went at it again.   The goal was to take at least a couple more steps than what I took previously.  I made it to 8, and then the therapist ask if I thought I could go to 10.   I was still feeling fairly steady, so  I gave it a shot.  I was able to take the last 2 steps to make it to 10 steps, or 15 steps total for the day!


Today has been a day of getting back into a routine.   I was able to get some more reading in, and received another amazing care package and some great cards.   Thank you again everyone for all of your thoughts, prayers,  Amazing notes and cards, Care packages, and all of the other wonderful things people have been doing to show their support.   It means more than you know.  All of it is so very greatly appreciated. 

Bible Verses:

From my mom….

Other verses I am focusing:

Songs to focus on:

From my mom….

Other songs to focus on:

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