Therapy Day 13…. January 13

Occupational Therapy

Today in Occupational Therapy, we worked on playing a litte block game. It was like Chinese Checkers, where I had to move little blocks up or down, back and forth, taking out the middle one until I had no more blocks to jump over. It was fun!

We also worked on the rings again, where I moved Curtain Rod hooks from one bar to another and then over a loop from one side to another. We added weight to my wrist to make it more challenging.

Physical Therapy

In physical therapy, we worked on slide boarding to the mat and then doing some exercises to strengthen my legs from there. I don’t know that I described it before, but the physical therapy gym has Mat beds that are created to go up or down to allow you to slide more easily from your wheelchair to them and they can be laid on for exercises.

In the afternoon, we tried to do more of wheelchair exercises but my quad appeared to be locked up. We didn’t know it then, but this would be a sign that something much more serious was going on. We to do the wheelchair backwards with me moving it backwards but I was not able to go forwards.


Today I spent a lot of time resting and in pain. My quad muscle seems to have locked up. I have been getting very concerned about what’s been going on with my leg.

Ben and I were able to chat a little bit today on Facebook messenger. Although the hospital food isn’t terrible, with my limited diet I’m really missing Ben’s cooking. It was a rough night in crazy morning for everybody within our unit. The day got a little bit better , with beautiful blue skies out the window, but by night I was in a lot of pain again


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