Rehab Round 2, Day 2…. 45′

Occupational Therapy:

Today in occupational therapy we practiced getting dressed. It is so nice to actually be able to stand up and put pants on. We did several assessments to look at my hand strength and assess my fine motor skills. We did a cognitive assessment and also worked on moving ball’s from one peg to another. The balls are hung on the pegs by rings, The goal is to slide them off one peg and up onto another one. We did this without my braces on to see how it would go. We also did a clothes pin activity, in which I moved clothes pins from one bar and put them on another. This was again done without braces. Overall I did pretty well but my left hand is definitely weaker than the right.

Physical Therapy

Today in physical therapy, we practiced walking more with the Walker. I was able to walk 20′ ,took a break, and then walked 25′! We also practiced wheelchair mobility and practiced using a log roll to get out of bed. I did well with all of it today.


All of the hard work I’m doing definitely makes me tired. I slept a little bit this afternoon and evening and will hopefully have another good night sleep tonight. It’s amazing how much work it is when your body hasn’t been able to walk in a while.

We also got a major snowstorm today. It was peaceful at times watching the snow fall, but also reminded me of the accident. I hope one day I can watch the snow fall again without being reminded of that day.

Bible Verses for Today:

From my mom…

Other verses to focus on…


From my mom…

Other songs to focus on…

One thought on “Rehab Round 2, Day 2…. 45′

  1. I am very proud of how you’re dealing with this and all the hard work you are putting in to your recovery. I love you butterfly.

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