Therapy Day 12…  January 12, 2021

Occupational Therapy

Today we worked on doing the ring activity where I move rings back and forth on a loop to work my finger and arm muscles.  I also folded laundry.

Physical Therapy:

Today we worked on slideboard transfers.  We raised the height of the mat and I was still able to slide board on and off up to about 21.5 inches.  We also began doing measurements to get stuff ready for me to come home. 


Today we worked on getting ready for me to go home.  Ben took measurements at home to get things ready for me to come home.  We worked with the case manager to get things ready for me to come home.  Ben also remodeled a little to get my wheelchair to fit. Ben’s brother Jed and his two sons were able to come and help. They did a great job!

Door into living room eeds to be 30 plus inches…. too small
Looking into the kitchen, not wide enough
Bathroom….. tight turns for a wheelchair

Way too small! Need over 30
Tub could maybe work with a shower bench if we can get the chair in, but far from ideal
Entrance to the house…. wheelchair will fit!!
Entrance is wide enough
Our nephew helping to make the door wider. Thank you!
Working hard
Wesley supervising while everyone else does the work. Thank you to our nephews and Ben’s brother for getting this done!!!
Now over 30! We did it!


From my mom:

Another song to focus on:

Bible Verses:

From my mom…

Another Verse to focus on:

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