Days 4 and 5 Therapy

Day 4 of therapy…. Monday, January 4

Today for OT therapy,  we worked on taking a shower.   Up until this point, I’ve had sponge baths.   It’s amazing the things we take for granted,  like being able to hop in the shower whenever you want. It felt so good to finally shower!

In physical therapy, we worked on steering my wheelchair and using the. slide board to get around. With all of my hip challenges, today was a little more difficult and frustrating.

I spent part of my afternoon playing a game Ben got me for Christmas. I always enjoyed playing tetherball and he found me a Mini desktop tetherball game that I can play. I get tired of watching things on TV in the free time that I have, and most of the other things I would normally do in my free time right now, such as writing and reading, are a lot harder. I have done some , but they use a lot of energy and I don’t have a lot of extra energy to spare right now. I tire easily.

Day 5 of therapy; January 5th 2020

Today in occupational therapy, we worked on folding clothes and moving rings from one platform to another. I also got a new brace for my right wrist.

Today in physical therapy, I wheeled my wheelchair from my Room down to the physical therapy gym. We practiced using the slideboard and doing the exercises I have been learning to do to keep my legs strong. Today went better than yesterday.

In the last couple of days, I have also spoken with the dietitian to get an idea of what foods to eat right now, the psychologist about all the nightmares and flashbacks I’ve been having from the accident, and my case Manger as we work to eventually get back home. It’s been busy!

Specific prayer requests:

  • That I will be able to eat more without feeling sick all the time.
  • That my hip will continue to have fewer spasms
  • That we will continue to get my pain level more and more under control
  • My spirits continue to keep up, and I Will not be easily discouraged
  • That I do not catch any sickness

One thought on “Days 4 and 5 Therapy

  1. isure hope for a speedy recovery i can definelately understand the boring times in the hospital or in this case rehab center so hears hoping you get back to
    your old self soon

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