Day 6 and 7 Therapy

Day 6

Occupational Therapy:

Today in OT, we worked on me being able to brush my hair by myself with two fractured wrists. We also played solitaire practice my fingers handling small things like cards. All of the board and card games we have at home are going to come in handy once I get home to continue building my finger strength.

Physical therapy:

Today we continue to work on the slideboard. My hip is continued to hurt a lot, which made it more difficult. We also practiced me driving and steering the wheelchair. The physical therapist added a band to the wheel to help me grip more, because I’ve just been using my thumb primarily to drive. This allowed my other fingers to be more involved too. We’ve been joking that I will able to beat most people in thumb wars after this because of the strength I’m building in my thumb, using it to drive the wheelchair. When you can’t use your regular limbs, you figure out another way.

I’ve also been using my heel to steer. It was pretty sore at first, but better each day. My left heel and right arm are the only limbs that can bear any weight at all right now.


We also took off the cast that was on my left foot today in and put something new on. The suture is looking pretty good! When the ortho person came in to take off the cast, he asked if I was ready and then said he was going to cut into my flesh. It took everyone a minute to realize he was joking. We took off the cast and rewrapped it.

Broken ankle sutures

Bible Verse:

From my mom:

Another I’m focusing on:


From my mom:

Another I’m focusing on too:

Day 7

Occupational therapy:

Today in OT, we practiced using the sideboard to get to the commode and getting dressed in the wheelchair instead of laying down. It’s amazing how much of a role being able to stand actually plays in getting dressed.

During one of the transitions today, my hip popped. A short time later, it felt as though someone took a rubber band, snapped it, and send vibrations down my leg. The doctor ordered x-rays just to be safe. The X-ray showed everything looks great. We suspect my muscles and ligaments are re-adjusting which is causing the sensations and noises.

Physical Therapy:

In my 1st session in physical therapy today, we took it a little bit easier because of the concerns about my hip. Once we knew my hip was OK, we practiced driving and steering a wheelchair, and scooting onto a bed. We also worked on exercises to keep my legs strong.


Today my amazing nurse and nurse assistant also moved me closer to the window so when I sit in the chair I can see the sky. It may not seem like much, but when you love the outdoors as much as I do, it meant a lot.

Fluffy white clouds
Beautiful blue sky!
Watching an airplane launch

Bible Verses

From my mom:

Another I’m focusing on:


From my mom:

Another I’m focusing on:

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