Therapy Day 3

I am going to start using this blog to help keep track of my progress in therapy, as it will be easier to share text and pictures then Facebook. 

My 1st 2 days of therapy happened on December 31st and January 2nd.  The 1st day of physical therapy was a little bit more challenging, as we were trying to figure everything out and we found out my one boot wasn’t working right.   Instead of supporting my foot with the broken toes when I would try to use the scoot board,  it would move my toes down to the bottom of the boot.   Squashing broken toes is not ideal when your trying to move.

Occupational therapy was similar,  with practicing going to the commode.   We also worked on simple skills like getting dressed.  It is amazing how the simple is really not so simple right now.

By my 2nd physical therapy,  we switched to a new shoe that puts the weight on my heel instead of the toes.   This worked much better, and I was able to use the scoot board going to the right.

Wheelchair with scoot board in the back.    The board lays an angle between 2 surfaces, and goes under part of your legs so that you can scoot across.

In Occupational Therapy,   we worked on transferring rings from one side of a platform to another,  and played a game in which a deck of cards was velcroed to a board and I needed to take them off in order taking turns with each wrist.

Today. we practiced going to the left with the scoot board.   When I go to the right, I can use my right hand and left heel to get myself on and move across. However, when I move to the left,  I still need to use my right hand and left heel to move.   My right foot and left wrist /arm  are non weight bearing.   This makes going to the left a little bit trickier.   We will continue to practice this in PT.

In Occupational therapy, I turned a machine for 5 minutes with my right hand, then practiced lifting rings from one platform to another taking turns with each hand. It was a little painful with my left shoulder, but helped to loosen the muscles.

In afternoon pt, we worked on exercises for my legs. I am on total hip precautions, so it was a little tricky but we made it work. Overall, a good day.

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