Rehab Round 2, Day 3…110′

Occupational Therapy

Today in Occupational Therapy, we completed several different activities to help build my fine motor skills. We played a form of Chinese Checkers with blocks, completed an activity where you had to match pegs on a pegboard to pegs in a picture, and folded laundry. We also did the shower ring activity, where I move rings from one side of a looped pole to another, and practiced using the reacher to move beanbags and then pull up a pair of scrubs. We did everything without my braces on today.

The reacher looks like this…

Physical Therapy

Today in physical therapy, we practiced walking with the walker. We walked 25 feet the first time and 30 feet the second time, for 55 feet total.

We also practiced doing the log roll from the mat. During the second round of PT, I walked 30 feet and then 25 feet for another 55 feet. In all, I walked a total of 110 feet today.


Growing up, my parents always taught us “I can’t” is not part of our vocabulary. We could say something was hard, challenging, frustrating, difficult, etc. , but we were never allowed to say ” I can’t. “

I come from a family where my sister has a learning “disability,” I was born with a dislocated left hip, and some of our cousins have “disabilities” as well. We never really called them “disabilities”, they are different abilities. We are not disabled, we are able to do things differently than a “normal” person.

This attitude has really helped me a lot during this time. It’s weird being in a wheelchair, and I am still not able to move my quad muscle very well. Earlier, I set my left leg of the wheelchair leg rest to change positions. At first, I couldn’t lift it high enough to get it back on the leg rest without asking for help. I kept trying and eventually got it! It isn’t easy, it hurts, and it’s frustrating, but it felt so good once I had my leg back on the leg rest!

(Ignore the white flakes. This is what happens when every limb has a cast or brace for nearly two months…. my skin is just peeling off everywhere. I’m thankful for lotions from Bath Boutique Treats to help heal my skin! )

I’ve also been exhausted today, and slept every chance I got. It’s a lot of work for my body to do what it is doing right now!

I also got to order food from a supplemental menu. I still wasn’t able to eat much but it was nice to have something different.

Bible Verses To Focus On

From my mom…..

Genesis 1:1

Other verses I’m focusing on:

Songs to Focus On:

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