New Year’s Resolutions, 2021

Every year, I set New Year’s resolutions.  In the past ,I’ve always done them on Facebook, but they’ve  done away with the notes section.   I am going to start doing them on this blog.  

I know a lot of people set New Years resolutions every year,  and then don’t keep most of them.   When I set resolutions, I look at them more as goals and try to have a plan for how to get to them.

Typically I would review my resolutions for the past year to see how I did and then set New ones for the coming year.   Unfortunately this year did not begin as I thought it would, nor did last year end as expected.   You can read more on that here….

So instead for this year,  I am going to start from scratch.

My goals for this year include the following:

1.  Regain my independence

2.  Regain my strength

3.  Have any further surgeries that I need to have and come back from that

4.  Finish my book series, Or at least get it organised enough that I can have a deadline better for finishing it

5.  Start a book about my experiences

6.  Write at least 10,000 more words in my series before the end of January using  Voice to text.

7.  Blog more regularly

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