Rehab Round 2, Day 1…. Fifteen Steps Forward

Occupational Therapy:

Today in occupational therapy, I went through the assessments to see more of where I’m at.   I also got to take a shower using the shower bench.  Previously, It was either bed baths  For the shower wheelchair.  It felt so good to be able to stand with the Sara Stedy, and then sit on a bench for a near regular shower.

Physical therapy:

Today in physical therapy, We practiced standing up with the Sara Stedy and a walker.    I’m using a platform walker to help support my left wrist, So it’s a walker with a special platform to hold your arm.   My physical therapist also added special bands to my wheelchair to make it easier to steer and drive.   I can now use both of my hands and a foot to operate the wheelchair!   This is a long way from operating it with 1 heel and 3 fingers.

My new ride, with bands to help me grip.

We also practiced getting into and out of bed.    It’s a little tricky with my hip being like it is, but the therapist showed me some strategies to help.

We ended the day in physical therapy by standing up to the Walker again and trying to see if I could take steps.  In physical therapy, they always have someone following close behind with the wheelchair so that you can sit back down if you need to. 

I stood up to the Walker and began positioning my legs then took a step forward.  I did it again, and again,  and again  Before I needed to sit down.   I  was able to take 5 steps!  

We took a break  and went at it again.   The goal was to take at least a couple more steps than what I took previously.  I made it to 8, and then the therapist ask if I thought I could go to 10.   I was still feeling fairly steady, so  I gave it a shot.  I was able to take the last 2 steps to make it to 10 steps, or 15 steps total for the day!


Today has been a day of getting back into a routine.   I was able to get some more reading in, and received another amazing care package and some great cards.   Thank you again everyone for all of your thoughts, prayers,  Amazing notes and cards, Care packages, and all of the other wonderful things people have been doing to show their support.   It means more than you know.  All of it is so very greatly appreciated. 

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Therapy Day 11… January 11, 2021

Occupational Therapy

Today in occupational therapy, I worked on taking cards off a board in order and by suit. The cards are velcroed to a large board that has a copy of the same card behind it. They all mixed up, and my job is to pull them off in order starting with the lowest value , within the same suit. This helps to work my fingers , as well as loosening my shoulder muscles because I have to reach up for the cards.

We also played a game in which there was a hoop in front of me, but turned to the side. My job was to take a ball from one basket with one hand, place it through the hoop into my other hand, and then place it into another basket.

I was able to do this pretty well with my right hand. My left hand was more of a struggle, but I was able to put the majority of the balls into the basket. My entire left side is definitely a lot more difficult to use than the right.

Physical therapy:

In physical therapy, we continued to work on using the slide board to move around. With my limited movement and weight bearing, it is still challenging. I’ve gotten better with transfers, but it is still not always consistent. I’ve also been having a lot of pain by my hip in trying to do them, especially moving to the left.


This morning,  I woke up at 3am in pain.  I called for the nurse and got more pain meds,  then put on some worship music while I tried to go back to sleep.

I don’t like waking up in pain, but I think I will always treasure these middle of the night wakeup and worship times. Don’t get me wrong.   I still have many moments when I struggle,  when I wish this whole thing had never happened but I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t.   Even in the pain,   I know God has a plan for this.   I may not see it or understand it,  but I don’t have to.  

I’m writing this blog not only so people can follow how I’m doing,  but also as a reminder to myself.   There will be really tough days when I’m in a lot of pain and don’t understand why all this is happening.  That doesn’t mean I can’t find ways to worship even through the pain, knowing that the God I serve,  the God I love and trust, is still in control and will carry me through the tough days ahead.   But the human part of me will need the reminder in the days to come.


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Days 4 and 5 Therapy

Day 4 of therapy…. Monday, January 4

Today for OT therapy,  we worked on taking a shower.   Up until this point, I’ve had sponge baths.   It’s amazing the things we take for granted,  like being able to hop in the shower whenever you want. It felt so good to finally shower!

In physical therapy, we worked on steering my wheelchair and using the. slide board to get around. With all of my hip challenges, today was a little more difficult and frustrating.

I spent part of my afternoon playing a game Ben got me for Christmas. I always enjoyed playing tetherball and he found me a Mini desktop tetherball game that I can play. I get tired of watching things on TV in the free time that I have, and most of the other things I would normally do in my free time right now, such as writing and reading, are a lot harder. I have done some , but they use a lot of energy and I don’t have a lot of extra energy to spare right now. I tire easily.

Day 5 of therapy; January 5th 2020

Today in occupational therapy, we worked on folding clothes and moving rings from one platform to another. I also got a new brace for my right wrist.

Today in physical therapy, I wheeled my wheelchair from my Room down to the physical therapy gym. We practiced using the slideboard and doing the exercises I have been learning to do to keep my legs strong. Today went better than yesterday.

In the last couple of days, I have also spoken with the dietitian to get an idea of what foods to eat right now, the psychologist about all the nightmares and flashbacks I’ve been having from the accident, and my case Manger as we work to eventually get back home. It’s been busy!

Specific prayer requests:

  • That I will be able to eat more without feeling sick all the time.
  • That my hip will continue to have fewer spasms
  • That we will continue to get my pain level more and more under control
  • My spirits continue to keep up, and I Will not be easily discouraged
  • That I do not catch any sickness

Time Marches On

Eleven years. How is it even possible that eleven years have gone by since Morgan went home?

(This was written in 2019, so if you are reading this after that, it will have been more than eleven years.)

For anyone who doesn’t know, Morgan was my sister-in-law who passed away from cancer eleven years ago today.

Time goes on, despite the losses we face, the hard times we come across and the journey life takes us on. This day brings back a lot of memories. both good and bad.

Before Morgan’s passing, we lost my grandparents, several uncles, an aunt, and family friends. Death and loss have always been a part of our lives. You get used to that person being gone, get used to a new normal to some extent, but there is always that person-shaped hole in your life. My family talks about those who have gone before us often, not because we can’t let go, but because they left such an impact on our lives that they will never be forgotten.

Time marches on. People have gotten married, babies have been born, we’ve gotten jobs and bought houses and gotten college degrees. There has been more loss, more death and pain in the last eleven years too. But the past, and the people we’ve lost helped to make us who we are today. We’re stronger, as a family and as individuals.

Sometimes life is hard, even brutal. I love this quote from the Hobbit:

Frodo asks:
What are we holding on to, Sam? 
and Sam Responds:
That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.

Even in great loss, there is hope. Even in death, we have hope that we will see them again in Heaven. If there is anything I’ve learned in life, it’s that winter doesn’t last forever, and in even in the darkest of winters, there is beauty. #collateralbeauty

Something I wrote shortly after Morgan’s passing…

Eleven years later, we still do not say goodbye. We say “See you in the morning.”