Happy Easter, 2023!

What a busy month! It’s been over a month since I last posted. We’ve been busy, watching the snow melt and then come again, melt and come again, melt and come again, etc. Spring seemed to come, and then today we are getting at least a couple of inches of snow again. You’ve got to love the snowbelt to live here long, unless you want to spend most of the year being miserable because of snow!

Physical and Occupational Therapy:

I’ve continued doing exercises at home, especially to try to build strength on the left side. Back when I was in outpatient physical therapy, the therapist recommended ankle weights, and I still use them to this day. I have several different types of weights, but find these the easiest to just wear around the house as I move throughout the day or use with a workout to add some strength building in.

Spring storms have brought pain and stiffness that wasn’t around as much when we weren’t getting as many storms. The exercises I do help to loosen things back up and reduce some of the pain from stiff joints and sore muscles.

Spring Break:

I recently had Spring Break from school. With Ben’s health, it’s harder for us to go out and do as much together, but I was able to take our basset hound out and Ben and I enjoyed extra time at the house to just relax, play video games and watch movies.

Our basset hound and I enjoyed hiking at local nature preserves and some time at Lake Michigan. We had some rain and snowy days, but also some beautiful days. Our other two dogs are older, and have a harder time traveling so they don’t go with me as much, but our black lab did venture out once to do a little bird watching with me over break. We got in a lot of birdwatching, writing, and just relaxing over the week. You can follow my birdwatching journeys here: https://northernmichiganbirding.wordpress.com/.

Photo Dump:

Sometimes a photo really can speak 1000 words. We’ve had many adventures over the past month and a half. As the weather warms, it’s felt really good to get outside more! A few photos from the past month and half:

Happy Easter!

It’s hard to believe it is Easter already. It feels like we just celebrated Christmas. Before we know it, summer will be upon us. As we await the arrival of spring, I know it will go by all too quickly and we’ll be seeing hot summer days before we know it.

Easter is a big holiday in the Christian faith. Our faith revolves around the death and resurrection of Christ. Easter is when we celebrate Jesus raising from the dead. When I was in the hospital, it was my faith that helped me get through the toughest of days. Knowing that no matter what happened, I would have eternity in Heaven gave me peace that can’t really be put into words.

We celebrate Good Friday a couple of days before Easter, a day when we remember that Christ was crucified on a cross. There’s debate about the exact day, and whether or not we celebrate during the right time of year, but no matter when it happened, we know that Jesus was killed on a cross and rose again three days later. The day we call Good Friday was dark. The Son of God died that day. It seemed like all hope was lost. But Sunday was coming.

The reality of what Christ did when He died on the cross is hard to comprehend sometimes. 1 Corinthians tells us it is foolishness to those who are perishing. I don’t expect everyone to understand my faith. It wouldn’t be faith if we always understood 100% of everything that happened to us, or everything our faith is about. But what I do know is that well over 2000 years ago a man died so that I could live, not just here and now, but for all of eternity. Not only did He die, he conquered death by rising again three days later. There is so much more to the faith story, the story of the fall of mankind and the redemption by the only Son of God. It’s much more than could ever fit in a blog post. If you’re not familiar with that story, I encourage you to see it out. If you’re familiar with it, but find yourself having doubts, you’re not the only one. Even of one of Jesus’s own disciples doubted.

Faith is the evidence of things unseen. We don’t always have to have all the answers. My strong faith is the biggest thing that got me through some tough days in the hospital. Easter is a reminder of what my faith really means. We will go through tough, difficult times on this earth, but I can trust that everything is working out for my good. Even though the world may seem very dark at times, it won’t last forever. Sunday is coming.

Happy Easter. He is risen!

Until next time,


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