30 Things I am Thankful For:

Most years, I’ve posted 30 things I am thankful for in November, one each day for the month on Social Media. This year, I didn’t get a chance to do this, but I still want to share what I am thankful for, so I am doing it as one big post.

1. My husband
2. Chewbaca
3. Wesley
5. Trips to Mackinaw Island
6. Snowy Owls
7. Sunsets and sunrises
8. Loons
9. Snow
10. Fall
12. Grass River Natural Area
13. A house to live in
15. Story Ideas
16. NaNoWriMo
17. Scrivener
18. History
19. Time in Nature
20. The ability to access the Bible from anywhere.
21. The ability to make music.
22. Christmas
23. Encouraging quotes
24. Hot beverages on a cold day.
25. Those who have bravely gone where others have not.
26. Hope
27. Time in nature
28. Lake Michigan
29. The little things
30. Faith

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